How to enjoy Japanese AUTUMN


Welcome to Japan. Is it for the first time visiting Japan? or first time spending Japanese Autumn? As you know Japan has 4 seasons; Spring, Summer,
Autumn, Winter. And you are just lucky because there are many enjoyable things in Autumn here! Let me introduce Japanese cultural things in Autumn.

1. Viewing autumnal leaves
It is really cultural thing. Leaves turn to a beautiful red in this season and people go to see them. The place where you must go to see them is Kyoto and the time when you should go is the last of Oct to the first of Nov. The all leaves are already turn to red at this time, and it is amazingly beautiful. The scenery will take your breath away,

2. Halloween
It sounds weird for you guys, adults enjoy Halloween more than kids do in this country.
All club are holding Halloween events there and sometimes entrance fee is free if you are dressing up for Halloween.
Usually girls prefer to wear cute costumes as like Japanese made, fairies, school blazers, and princesses. Even their costumes are cute, they put on zombies make up. But it still looks cute I think. The biggest difference from your country is that they don't say "Trick or Treat". You are sure be shocked with different Halloween! I hope you will enjoy the culture shock!

3. The best season for reading.
Long long time ago, the time people didn't use air conditioners, they said Autumn is the best season for reading.
Because the night time is longer than other seasons and weather is nice.

4. The best season for sports
Apparently it has been said in the Autumn of 1964. Tokyo Olympics were organized at this time.
In addition, Oct 10th is enacted that the day is sports day.

5. Don't forget about foods!!
In Autumn, it is said you increase appetite in Japan. Persimmons, grapes, sweet potatoes, Pacific Saury, and chestnuts...
It is never enough of mentioning...You are sure to enjoy Japan with only foods in this season.
The Autumn was the season for harvesting in the past of Japan. They didn't have enough technology as like we do now,
they only enjoyed eating in Autumn for the bitter winter.

4. A strong sexual desire
Do you know that if you increase your appetite, also increase your sexual desire.
It is the time to have a chance to enjoy Japanese Fuzoku (call girl). Because sexual desire in Woman is also getting increase.

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