Japanese Food is Almost Free


As I had live in NYC, I know how over priced the food is up there.
You eat ramen, you pay at least $20 ore more including tip. The ramen is just decent and nothing special.
If you were lucky, can find $10 ramen but with Tax and tip, easily you pay $13 just a single bowl of ramen.
Go to a unagi(eel)-over-rice restaurant in NYC, you pay $100, got no choice.

Here in Japan, if you pay $10 at a ramen shop, you get ramen, dumplings, and rice. For only a regular ramen bowl, $6.
An eel over rice $8 at Matsuya (for me it's still expensive. Cz I can only afford upto $6 for Matsuya. lol)
Except my personal matters, you can eat an eel bowl just for $8 while you have to show the respect for Benjamin in NYC.
You can eat sushi for a buck per plate in Japan while you have to work 9-5 to pay one sushi meal in other countries.

So I would say, the food in Japan is almost free.

But wait, what about pizza? Pizzas in Japan are so damn expensive!!!! and taste really awful!! The large size is just for 3 bites!!
$30 for just one pie with pepperonis !!?? should be $12, man!! Then I tip the pizza boy for $1 and let him keep the change and
he will be happy and we are happy!!! The pizzas of Japan are sized like tostadas, man.
And where are the $1 tacos and the Nacho Supreme of Taco Belllll!!!???

Can't handle it anymore. I gotta go eat ramen today. Heeeha!!