Kawaii Monster Cafe


Kawaii seems to become one of Japanese words in English dictionary.
And I know there are quite few people who are Kawaii-geeks outside Japan. If you want to spike it a little more, here is a perfect place
where you and your partner can enjoy all night long.

Kawaii Monster Cafe is one of Tokyo's top attractions which is a super cute and colorful Tokyo pop culture themed cafe. At night,
the cafe offers special entertainment shows from Tuesday to Friday, and each night varies.

This place comprised of four zones,

1. The Sweets-Go-Round, which includes the bonus of a Pikachu-creature back from the dead as well as unicorns amongst the general sundae-toppings.

2. The Mushroom Disco, which is weirdly exactly what it says on the tin.
Deeply reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, oversized mushrooms tower over you and encase you in booths. If you don't get a booth and are seated in the larger area, fear not,
you actually have the best view of the room.

3. The Milk Stand, which is pretty bizarre, featuring large animal heads all hooked up to milk bottles.
I would describe it more, but to be honest, I'm not sure how to, aside from saying I loved it.

4. The Mel-Tea Room, which is as cutesy
and pretty as a cupcake-themed room in Harajuku can get.


This is the highlight and is definitely strange.
Cirque du Soleil it is not, but no one seems to care--they get small children up and they somehow don't freak out,
and everyone has a great time.

If you attend here on a Thursday evening between 8pm and midnight,
you'll get to see the burlesque performance--which is not very family-friendly (you have to be 20 and up to get in).
Entrance is hiked up to ¥2,000, but includes a drink--and you can opt for the all-you-can-drink menu for ¥1,500.

You can also see Oiran (humm,,,it sounds so adult) shows on Tuesday nights, and Wednesday nights are pop-culture themed. These are family-friendly.

Japan is always good at integrating ingredients from here and there to create its own culture.
Yo, I just heard we are gonna make a 390m (1280ft) tall building called The Torch which is gonna be the tallest building here.
What are we gonna integrate this time? Wild fire? The world's tallest building hits 820M/2700ft, the second is China's 630m/2200ft.
Then we gon only get a 390m in seven years? You kidding. Try at least double height.