Midland Square Stands Out


When it comes to talk about some square in Japan, here we have Nagoya's Midland Square.
Ever been there? Let's take a look:)

It is Nagoya's famous attraction which offers a chic night, located close to Nagoya Station.
It is consisted of office floors and commercial facility floors with about 60 shops. Very popular as a shopping spot in a day time.
Their Sky Beer Garden is open from May to September at Sky Promenade. Gulping beer while enjoying the city lights view must taste more delicious!
Head this place and indulge yourself in the breathtaking view of Nagoya night.
With 46 floors, Midland Square is the tallest building in Nagoya.
Midland Square is a complex building gathering restaurants, shops, and offices. Most of the shops are boutique shops.
The restaurants are located on the 41st & 42nd floors and are all high-class restaurants. The prices range from ¥ 5,000 to ¥ 30,000.
The atmosphere is a perfect pairing to the bright night views offered by Nagoya. It also makes a good choice for important occasions,
such as wedding anniversaries, receptions, etc.
If you want to see Nagoya at night, don't miss the Sky Corridor (44-46 floors).
Not only you can see the lights of Nagoya in all directions, but also you'll be at the highest point in Nagoya. After the evening,
a light and water show is performed every 20 minutes, to add to the dream-like fantasy. The best part is that the tickets are only ¥750.
There's a large movie theater called Midland Square Cinema on the 5th floor.
The facilities are new and conveniently located. If you want to watch Japanese films unreleased abroad,
you have to check this one out.

I didn't know Nagoya has this big city. I didn't like the city of Tokyo where a lot of pretentious people from suburbs wander, hustle, is dirty, snobby and
misunderstanding like "We are one of the bests in the world!!" I was like,,, nah,,,
Then Osaka should compete with Nagoya. Tokyo is like Western-wannabe when it's actually super Eastern. It was crowded, filthy and people are
the walking-dead in heaven.