Nakasu, an Envious Red Light District


I wrote the article about Tobita, the red light district in Osaka, but today we are gonna talk about Fukuoka's.

Nakasu is one of Japan's biggest and most prominent red light districts, comparable to Osaka's Tobita or Nipponbashi in notoriety. The name Nakasu referred to "the island in the center". Located on an island between the Naka and Hakata rivers in the core of the city, it's one of Fukuoka's top night leisure spots, though is prolly not for everyone. Nakasu is renown for its strip clubs, lounges, piano bars and cabaret clubs, of which there are thousands, serviced by a massive 30,000 hustlers ( I mean workers. Lol)

Unsurprisingly, the main patron base of Nakasu is male and many establishments are hesitated to serve foreigners who are not Japanese speaking. However, exploring Nakasu at night can be pretty exciting, even if you don't fantasize a strip club. Walk through the neon-lit streets, taking in all the wonders along the way, then, head to the riverside, where you'll find a whole host of stalls and small restaurants serving up some of the tastiest dishes in the empire. A unique thing to Fukuoka City, it is famed for both its amazing gastronomy- which you can find within the numerous restaurants and yatai, a street food vendor, - and as a red light district.

From the 17th century as the time goes by, the area was being developed into an entertainment district and has even been a hut to several cultural movements involving literature, art, and films.

Whether the day or at night, you'll find the Nakasu Area to be exceptionally safe and alluring. During the day, the area offers enjoyment, shopping, and food. Lit up at night with neon lights and filled with night crawlers, the island emerges and has something for everyone. Approximately 60,000 people stops by the island each day to enjoy food, culture, and adult entertainment.