Night Life in Japan


When most people think about Japan, I think they're imagining visiting temples, and seeing Geisha, sushi bars, and the like.
But take a look inside your mind, and I think you'll find most of those images you have in your head take place during the day.

Truth is, there's a whole lot that goes on in Japan when the sun goes down that you don't want to miss.

You see, what you get in the day is sort of a taste of traditional Japan. What you treat yourself to a night is a kiss of modern Japan.

You'll find a lot of visitors to Japan like to visit the bars in the Shibuya and Shinjuku areas of Tokyo. Yes, being the mega-metropolis,
Tokyo has more than a few places to play. Gotanda, Kawasaki, Yokohama, Ikebukuro, even Omiya in Saitama; all of these places offer great relaxation opportunities.

Bars are a fun place to start, and the liquid courage they serve can help to loosen any cultural hang-ups you might have had during the day.

You might even stop by a club or two to get limbered up with a little dancing. Of course, it's a fun time,
and you might even find someone to hook up with; but nothing there's a sure thing, so good luck!
You also might take the opportunity to visit a hostess club for a few drinks and a little karaoke.

I've blogged about hostess clubs before... they can be fun, no doubt! But the odds of you taking your hostess to bed are really, really, really small.

Yes, there are places that offer those kinds of services; but you have to find one who would allow a girl to go out with a foreigner (not likely,
plus might be bad for business), and you would have to actually find the place.

I've heard of that kind of stuff, but would have no idea where to point you if you ask.
The only sure thing I know of, if you're looking to enjoy the evening with a little female companionship, are these places that offer up girls for massages.

It can be more than that, actually. They have this system that allows you to meet the girl outside, like on a normal date, and then you can choose to go to a love hotel,
or your place, or out to dinner... your time is yours! As long as you don't use up your time,
you can have a wonderful experience with a beautiful Japanese girl that will end in something special.

But then you could also go to a bar, then contact the place for a girl and go straight to a love hotel or private place to enjoy a massage and a special time together.
The choice is yours!
No matter what you decide to do, there's no wrong answer to night life in Japan as long as you're having a great time!

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