Kakegawa Castle is Authentic!!


Mt. Fuji is the landmark of Japan.
Let's get the simplest option out of the way first. As home to Mt. Fuji,
there are various different places where you can enjoy remarkable views of the internationally loved mountain in Shizuoka.
Shizuoka City, wherever you are within, is a great location to see Mt. Fuji from.
For an unforgettable scenery, we recommend an excursion to Miho no Matsubara (Miho Beach),
a place that offers wonderful views of the seacoast with Mt. Fuji in the background.
Located in West Shizuoka, Lake Hamanako is prominent in Japan for its awesome seasonal flowers.
One particularly popular spot is Hamamatsu Flower Park, where cherry blossoms, azaleas, roses, wisteria, rhododendron,
irises, and hydrangea flowers bloom from spring through fall annually.

One advantage about this park is that it can quickly be accessed from JR Hamamatsu Station,
which is located one and a half hours from both Tokyo and Kyoto via Shinkansen.
Utilize the Japan Rail Pass to travel efficiently. Make sure Shinkansen is super over priced so
I would recommend

While there are plenty of replicas of Japanese castles to see around the country, Kakegawa Castle is not consider a replica, but a reproduction.

The entirety of the castle has been rebuilt based on existing historical documents. There are no wide staircases or elevators inside,
but authentic wooden ladder-like stairs, embrasure (holes) in the walls where archers would shoot invading enemies, and other items that only
those well versed in history would recognize. This castle is a must for anyone interested in Japanese history, architecture, or samurai lore.

Japanese castles are original and embellished. Whenever I visited the castles or temples,
I'm very proud of being Japanese.