Roppongi Wanna Be Las Vegas


For all the tourists from around the world
Spending time Tokyo can be daunting especially if you are not familiar with the language,

Roppongi is the district most loved night life district in Tokyo with foreigners and tourist.
The streets of Roppongi are lined with foreign fishers (touts) trying to bring you into their clubs and bars.
Roppongi is one of the most expensive areas in Japan with many high class bars and restaurants. Yo, the bars charge you a lot of money
while employee get paid super low. Yes, I said that. I had worked for some bars, it was busy and customers paid a lot of money
and we got paid like $10 an hour, being forced carry up a 60lb heavy bag of ice from the basement to the 3rd floor.
No elevator but spiral stairs looking like stairs to hell, if you fell, you die. There was a green hobby horse hung up on the wall, literally hell, right?.
However, you must exercise caution in this area since many people get scammed here.
Do not follow Japanese guys who fish, they charge you enormous amount of money, at least 2000USD.
You may follow European girls who are basically strippers.

Many foreign tourists have been scammed here by some bar owners who charge crazy prices for drinks.
Don't let this deter you from coming here though. As long as you avoid the people trying to offer you deals on the streets you shouldn't have any problems.
It is one of the most upscale districts of Tokyo. Roppongi is packed with dance clubs, upscale bars, strip joints and dive bars.
This is the place where both Japanese and non-Japanese, desperate to let loose , come to mingle and be integrated in nightlife.

Roppongi seems to mock Las Vegas, but from my perspectives, something is not right.
Hummmm,,,, I spent 5 days in Vegas which still had 80s vibes, especially around Circus Circus area.
If you went up to Planet Hollywood, you finally can feel 2000s vibes, pay $150 to see the world divas
and Rock Stars. Las Vegas, man. Who does Roppongi have? Mayweather man. He came into a strip club and
dispensing bills (starts from $10 in Japan.) as he owns gentlemen's club in LV, he was kinda observing
how the Japanese strip club looks like.

I hope Covid19 will be gone soon, people get back to normal and we can live life happily again.
No riots. Then I will see the city again:)