Samurai Experience in Osaka Castle!


Have you ever watched Akira Kurosawa films? Or more like Anime or Hollywood Sci-Fi films?

Live out your samurai and ninja dreams! Get clad in a kimono and learn the basic skills of samurai sword fighting.
Practice how to safely wield a shinobi-gatana ("ninja sword"), fukiya (Japanese blow gun) and shuriken ("ninja metal stars")
and be on your way to becoming the next Ninja Turtles or Jedi Master!
Transform into a samurai or ninja and learn to fight using a katana sword. Train the moves,
then try an action-packed fighting scene with a professional taking the supporting role. You are a ninja star!!

Put on your kimono, learn how to wield a sword from a true master, and take some unforgettable pics to remember the moment.
The grounds surrounding Osaka Castle are the top-notch setting for this mixture of historical re-enactment,
traditional Japanese culture, and good family-friendly fun. You can even ride a bicycle around the park.

I'm not sure if Jedi has this but learn about the bushidō code, including the precious value of showing respect to others,
by discovering how to sit and bow properly to your opponent - right before your battle begins!
Not too confident about your combat skills? Don't worry, your expert master YODA will show you how to wield a sword,
and how to properly put on your traditional costume.

Sharpen and hone your skills and make sure you watch out. Soon enough you'll be starring in your very own katana sword battle scene,
including cool one-liners and authentic Japanese dialogue. Prepare your best Kurosawa or anime-inspired battle poses, swing your katana, and defeat your (friendly and lovely) enemies!