Sendai Has More Santas Than Ever!


Sendai is known for being the biggest city in the Tohoku part of Honshu Island in Japan.

When you visit Sendai you will be fascinated with attractions such as observation towers, museums and galleries, but the city also has more traditional places to visit such as mausoleums (tombs) of famous families and the ruins of its ancient castle.

Zuihoden is also known as the Mausoleum of Date Masamune who was the first Daimyo, the lord of the Sendai Domain.

A good tip to know, the Sendai Castle Ruins were the inspiration for a famous Japanese poem called 'The moon over the desolate castle' and this tells you all you need to know about their condition now.

The ruins also do include a model of the original gate to give you a feel of how Sendai Castle would have looked in the days of old when you close your eyes.

Here we gon talk about modern Sendai!

600,000 LIGHTS, 2,700 SHOPS, AND 1,000 SANTAS

For over 3 decades, Sendai's Pageant of Starlight has been transforming the city's most prominent street, Jozenji Dori, into a winter fantasyland. Basically the pageant runs from mid December to the end of the year, beginning at 5:30 pm every night. 600,000 white-yellow lights contour 160 towering Japanese zelkova trees, best viewed from within the tunnel of lights along the 'catwalk.' There may even be a light snowfall to complete the winter magic extravaganza.

You'll definitely want to visit on December for the "Story of Santa's Forest" parade: twice during the evening a red tide of up to 800 performers and 1,000 citizens donning Santa costumes dance, sing and merry-make their way down the avenue. Now Sendai has more santas than ever!!

Nightlife Spots

Kokubuncho Street is the place to go for nightlife in Sendai. It is the biggest night crawling area in the Tohoku area, and is coined as "Buncho" by locals. Try local foods like robatayaki (charcoal-grilled vegetables and fish) and cow tongue at the izakaya bar-restaurants. Here, you can bar-hop your night away.

So many things to do in Sendai. The city has its history and if you are Japanese, Date Masamune is the name we must have heard at least once. Having Christmas is modern west-east mixed culture but it is very beautiful to see two great culture being integrated. Guess Lord Masamune is singing Twinkle, Twinkle up there.