Soak in Onsen with Foliage, Hokkaido


It takes about an hour by bus to reach Jozankei from the central area of Sapporo, where visitors can enjoy the autumn colorful leaves while strolling along a mountain stream.
Tsuribashi (suspension bridge) is a visitors' favorite viewing spot that is perfectly surrounded by the foliage.
Visitors can go to the mountaintop using the ropeway, and enjoy the view from high above.
There are many Onsens, hot springs, for day-trippers in the area, so you can even enjoy the view while soaking in the water.
There are also fun canoeing and horseback riding activities.
Koyo Kappa Bus Tour is held during the autumn foliage season, from October 1 to October 20.

Jozankei Onsen is one of Hokkaido's major tourist attractions, drawing 2.4 million adventurers a year. A monk named Mizumi Jozan excavated the healing spring waters in 1866
and opened a spa along the upper Toyohira River. He brought the injured and sick here for healing, and little by little the area's reputation spread.
If he didn't charge money, he was a real monk and kind person. But if he did, he was a genius and successful business man.
How do they survive by not charging any money?

Many hotels offer a shuttle bus service from Sapporo Station or Makomanai Subway Station.
No worries for transit.

Soon it will be the most colorful time of the year!
Many mountains surround Jozankei Onsen, making the fall season astonishing.
This is considered one of the best places to see the autumn foliage in Hokkaido .

If you get bored with your urban life book a ticket and dive in an Onsen!!
If you are lucky, there are male-female integrated Onsens for the view of naughty foliage;)