Not Far, Laguna The Bar, Kobe


For a romantic night, it is one of the the best bars in the city.
People rave about Laguna because it has a relaxed atmosphere and some awesome cocktails and drinks.
They serve a wide variety of unique cocktails, many of which are decorated with real flowers. (Personally, I wonder if it is safe for hygiene
since I don't like bugs...)
Their mojito is particularly popular and they are all visually brilliant. There is a cover charge of ¥1,000 to go in (excuse me? Do you guys have a house Jazz band or smt...?),
but it is well worth it! This is definitely one of the topped ranked cocktail bars in Kobe.

If you want to hear Jazz in Kobe, go to this place!!!
Sone Jazz Bar

The place is longstanding (it has been opened since 1969) and has been loved by locals ever since.
You can enjoy live Jazz performances that start according to a time system that is scheduled basically every hour.
The cover charges for the shows are like ¥2,000. Enjoy drinks and refined appetizers while listening to some of the best live Jazz music in Kobe.
The bar is at a 3-minute walk from the Sannomiya Station.

While most of J-POP has been annoying me since I was 2 years old, Asian people, in this case Japanese, who play Jazz or classical music have been always sophisticated somehow
although they don't write. Asian do not write or can not, but practice 20 times more than other people so we have skills.
So I never doubt Japanese/ Asian Jazz and classical musicians, if you find one, go there!! Do not hesitate and furthermore, real musicians and artists of Japan live in
West coast, not east such as Tokyo, I've seen them but they are fake and just pretentious. The masters in any genre of art humbly stay in their authentic place
and dedicate their art to society.