Tell Her, in Sapporo JR Tower Observatory


Winter is coming!!
It is all about night views!! I love winter and to walk outside in cold temperatures:)
Feel melancholic, inhale dry air and see the white fog you produce (I mean, condensation) when you exhale.

The JR Tower rises 160 meters over Sapporo, directly connected to the station. (Yo, I'm an Osaka native and we have 300m Harukas, we
Enjoy vast 360 degree panoramic views of Sapporo, the Ishikari River, Mt. Teine, and more.
The 38th floor observatory in JR Tower has a view of Sapporo from 160 meters above the city.
You get an incredible 360 degree panoramic view of the downtown area and on a clear day,
you can even spot Otaru and the Ishikari Coast in the distance.
The Sapporo night view has also become quite famous in recent years after being selected as one of Japan's top three nighttime landscapes.
So why not take in this incredible view from the comfort of the adjoined cafe?

When you got loved one, you can go to this place to make unforgettable memories.
The snow may disappear, but your memories will be in your heart forever.
Tell her how you feel while you are in the observatory:)