The Biggest Katana, Tokyo Sky Tree!


Tokyo Sky Tree was designed by sculptor Mr. Kiichi Sumikawa, the tower was inspired by the curve of a Katana sword. So it is definitely the biggest katana in the world ever existed!!

Everybody wants to hit it at least once. With the topping out of the world's tallest tower in Japan displacing Canton Tower, it gained world's interest.
Actually, it is so popular that you can never get inside without making a reservation from the opening day on May 22 all the way up until July 10th.
The night club in Las Vegas still lets us in if you waited for 3 hours in line.
So you better purchase a package tour from a travel agent before arriving here.

At 634 meters tall, the world's tallest tower has been completed near Asakusa, one of Tokyo's famous areas.
What is it like inside?
Japan's fastest bullet elevator took us up all the way to the 350 meter Tokyo Sky Tree Observation Deck in the blink of an eye. Getting off the elevator, we were hit right away with the incredibly incredible view of Tokyo strecthcing out before our very eyes.
Turning around 360 degrees in the Observation deck, you can see every corner and a small space of the fabulous city of Tokyo just as if you could reach out and touch it, tell'em that is human nature, cz four walls won't hold you tonight.
And apparently Mount Fuji is hung like a painting in a museum. This deck can hold up to two thousand people, and is outfitted with facilities like a restaurant and café area for guests who want to spend time taking in the sights from in a casual setting to a night time date course. The glass floor segment that lets you really experience the thrill of being 350 meters in the air. Not for wimps with a fear of heights!

It is located at Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line, and Oshiage Station on the Asakusa Subway Line, Hanzomon Subway Line, and Keisei Oshiage Line.
It is easy access but always this maze-like metro makes me confused to hop on the right train.

The name of Tokyo Skytree came from the image of a massive tree that points towards the universe. One reason for the name of Skytree prevailing is the warm and hopeful image that it evokes.

The color of lights has meanings, the blue lights of Tokyo Skytree tower represent the chic and trendsetting spirit of Edo, the royal purple hints at Edo's elegance and grace. At the same time, the orange colors ivoke the image of a special flag called "nobori." These are the three principal color patterns, but during Christmas and cherry blossom season, Tokyo Skytree also tends to sparkle in entirely various colors which means you can show the tallest Christmas tree in the world for your loved ones. Set a star in the night sky and say what you gotta say, girls wouldn't get a choice to say a negative word.

To get inside has a specific schedule, but to see it outside, it's free.