For all its conservatism, Japan is a very sexually open place, as long as you keep it to yourself.

And that's a good thing because that means that there are many,
many different ways for a man to find pleasure in Japan and they can rest assured that it will always be kept on the down-low.
Whatever your itch it, you're sure to find a way to scratch it in Japan.

One of the more interesting things is that in the West we tend to think of sex as, well, having sex with someone.

Stick it in, wiggle it around, BOOM! Here, it's much more nuanced.

The vast majority in the West would also consider hand-jobs and blow jobs sex, but in Japan they're more looked at as forms of release.

Where I come from blowing off steam might look like going out for drinks at the bar after work.

In Japan you would couple that with a trip to a professional men's relaxation establishment where they really help you relax.
You see, in Japan, they view not having sexual release as a major player in stress and unhappiness.

It doesn't matter how you find that release, the important thing is that you get there.

Now, of course, there are rules.
This isn't an anything goes society.

If you choose to indulge in one of Japan's many sexual relief providers you need to show them respect because they really are professionals.

If you choose to go to a place where the girls touch you, you need to make sure it's ok if you touch them before you go all octopus hands on them.

Sometimes is differs from girl to girl.
Sometimes there's a store policy.
If you don't know, ask.

You'll find that the majority of the providers are very kind hearted and understanding, especially
if they're aware that your mastery of the Japanese language may be a bit challenged.

You can find places that specialize in almost anything.
Schoolgirls, lingerie, S&M, swimsuits, leotards, Japanese women, Korean women, Chinese women... the list goes on for longer than I have space.

And many stores offer up a menu of things you can choose to experience if you wish.
The cost for this kind of relaxation isn't crazy, either.
It's actually quite reasonable.

In fact, if you compare it to going to a massage, you're more than getting your monies worth.
The cost is about the same, only you're getting so much more.

Some places have higher prices, but you really do get what you pay for.

Their prices are higher because they're offering more.
Go ahead and experiment. No one in Japan will think any less of you for trying this out.

It's a Japanese thing.

And if you're visiting Japan, what a great memory you'll make to bring home with you!