W Hotels to Debut in Osaka


Hello fellas! You might be familiar with Ws if you ever walked in Hollywood boulevard closed to Vine, at least I only saw the W for the first time
when I was walking there and there was a dolphin somewhere in or above the building as I can remember...
It looked tropical. I think I went there once to join some party but was refused to enter cs I was not a member.
I really liked the atmosphere and wanted to dive in the pool.

It seems like a good move that they decided to launch its business in Osaka. So what kind of guests would visit the hotel most?
Japanese or people from outside? I've seen a lot of facilities which look like super western and creative with English letters written on the walls saying "Enjoy your life!
" as if Williamsburg in Brooklyn, however, when I entered there
I immediately felt uncomfortable because it was so quiet and way far away from creative, just the way Japanese people are as if I just happened to
get mingled in someone's funeral. I don't offend Japanese culture and love shrines and temples with maximum tranquility , humbleness and the scent of
musk as I was born, raised and got a super sexy Asian male look here.
But my opinion is if you do not know or even wanna know what it is , don't even try to imitate or mock them. I mean with that decoration saying "Enjoy your life!!" on wooden walls, chairs and tables
to make the place so creative, you gotta play Rock and Roll or Biggie Smalls with the max volume, man!! You idiots only play some healing music with
a pee pee volume so who is gonna get creative!! and all the guests up there were just sitting like a dead corpse. Yo, you just freak me out!! (haha now I understand why that Latina host said the same thing to me
when I was just sitting in a dining room where a party was going on upstairs in Long Island. lol Because there weren't cute girls!! Sorry. )
In that place, order some pizza and have a party, man!! Get integrated with others and exchange info!!
We need tacos there!! Damn, that's the way that kinda place's supposed to be. If you stay so calm all the f time in that place, go to Shrine!!
Japan do not have to imitate or mock western thing too much unless you really like them, know them, or eager to learn what it is.
You have a beautiful culture already.
I don't like the 2020 Japan at all. They are not proud of themselves or don't know how great we are made. No confidence.

Anyway, W hotels, right? It is established by a western company already although W Osaka is owned by Sekisui of Japan, which is a tricky part here.
As long as it is operated via Western view by westerners, it will succeed. If idiots of Japan try to put extra "This is Japan" s*, it won't stand any chance.
All I want to say is, don't try to be someone that is not who you are or what you really wanna be.
I'm proud of having Japanese gene and its history, but I quit being Japanese but Asian who has Japanese descent. That's who I am and what I wanna be.
It means I have both identities of Western and Eastern cultures.
So let me tell you the facility with "Enjoy Life" s*, get Buddha sculptures and make it look like a shrine and hire the monk at the reception,
use candles instead of lights if the people you are inviting there had no idea what to do in that kind of a facility.

Hope W Osaka will prosper as Disney, where I can be Asian at least. No more extra Japanese s*. I'm sick of it.
Listen to our Minister for Administrative Reform and Regulatory Reform, Taro Kono. He gets the point.