What's deep side of Osaka city!?


Have you ever been to Osaka?? There are many traditional food like Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki,
Kushi-katsu. Cheap and yummy enough to be drunk too much, you might have had a great time if you have been to there.
But today we will introduce more deep side of Osaka city.

Taking a look for main cities like Namba and Umeda, there are many people site seeing and eating and drinking in many restaurants and bars.
Looks beautiful city in appearance, but once you go inside of the miner street, there are big Fuzoku area, the other side of Osaka city.

Mainly in Nippombashi and Tennouji area. The biggest one of Fuzoku area is named Tobita-shinchi.

This is the town where like the time has stopped passing since EDO Era. There are small houses arranged in 5 lines.

The old women sit in front of every single entrance of the house and attracted customers with their calls 「wake up!!, wake up!!」.

This is quite strange scene beyond description, but we are gonna be somehow excited like we do in Japanese style theme park.
Just waking around this place will be also very much fun of you.

But these service might be not friendly for foreigners.

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