Japanese KIMONO Girl in New Year


Traveling to Japan during New Year's is a great chance to capture a rare glimpse into the modernization of traditional Japanese culture.

It is a time when most Japanese people return home to partake in traditional ceremonies and festivities many of which travelers can get a chance to see and partake in themselves.
One of those traditions is Hatsumode, the first shrine visit of the New Year.

Virtually every shrine across Japan will be filled with people coming to pray, get O-mikuji (fortunes) and buy Omamori (charms).

As a tourist you can partake in all these rituals and many shrines now offer O-mikuji in English and English descriptions of the Omamori.
An Omamori exists for everything, from leg pain to traffic safety, and they make great souvenirs for friends and family.

This is also one of the rare chances to see men dressed in full Kimonos because it is a relatively common practice for the New Year.

Those lucky enough to be traveling on the second Monday in January, can see many women dressed in their Kimonos for Coming of Age Day, a national holiday for women who have turned 20 in the past year.
To celebrate they dress in extravagant Furisode Kimonos and can be seen walking the streets nearly everywhere.
They are so beautiful like a doll, you might be feel like contact them. But they could not speak any English is sad enough.
When you are in such case, please let us arrange the good Japanese girls wearing Kimono. They are friendly to foreigners enough to have a good time with.

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