It's that time of year again... the temperature is dipping and the colors on the trees are exploding into mind-blowing pallets of reds,
oranges, yellows, and browns. It's the perfect time to go leaf peeping in Japan!

Most people don't even consider the fall when they think of visiting Japan.

The cherry blossoms of spring steal all the glory; but don't discount the fall- it can be equally beautiful, maybe even more so.

You see, in the spring, the cherry blossoms as scattered here and there across the landscape.

You've got to go out of your way to find them, and if they last longer than a week, you're lucky.
Fall leaves are everywhere, and in such volume and beauty that it can be truly breathtaking.
Cherry blossoms are only pink. Leaves are a rainbow.

There are a great many places to go and leaf peep once they've started to hit their stride.

Basically just point yourself toward any mountain range and you won't be disappointed.

I can't tell you how beautiful Mt. Fuji is when it's framed by the colorful fall leaves, that crystal clear stark blue sky in the background.

The whole Kanagawa and Shizuoka area is quite beautiful this time of year, and ripe for sightseeing.
Osaka, too is absolutely radiant in the fall colors.

What a great opportunity to enjoy the rich culture of traditional Japan than by taking a tour of Osaka wrapped in the luscious reds,
vibrant yellows, and sumptuous browns of fall. Why, it's like the entire city is wearing nature's kimono! Even at night you can appreciate the wonder of the fall colors here.

Can you imagine drinking warmed sake in the chill of the night, a beautiful woman at your side, all wrapped in an explosion of color?
It absolutely must be experienced!
And if you're the adventurous sort, there are some lovely train rides you can take up the cost for some absolutely spectacular leaf peeping.

For a flat rate you can take a train on a scenic journey to the north up to a beautiful hotel in the hills.

These places usually have other scenic things nearby such as waterfalls, amazing vistas, and commonly hot spring onsen where you can really take in the wonder around you.

Let me tell you, there's nothing like relaxing in the warm waters of your own private hot spring bath while you watch the sun slowly slip below the sea of fall colors.

Usually these trips head back to the big city the following day.

Fall in Japan is such a wonderful time that it would really be a shame for you to miss