The biggest Adult Event "Japan Adult Expo"


I've got good news for Japorns. The biggest adult event "Japan Adult Expo" (hereinafter, this is called "JAE") will be held in Ariake area, Tokyo.
Your dream will come true! Watching many fabulous porn stars live.
JAE takes place for the purpose of Japanese porn fan appreciation event, and started in 2014.

They have always 3 mascots person who represent Japorn stars of the year. There will be many programs you can enjoy.

I will introduce some of the most enjoyable programs they will hold.

1. Talk show
You will be able to hear stories of the Japorn. Something likes how they film their porn videos, their secrets stories,
and what type of the posing they like...etc

2. Changing into cosplay live
Your favorite porn stars will change their clothes into cosplay live! WTF they are thinking of.
How could they come up with this amazing idea...Also you can expect some nip-slip. I am really jealous if you can join it.

3. Sexy Sports Festival
You don't need explain. You know what will happen! They will be wearing luscious costumes. There will be expected naughty things happen accidently.

4. Brest festival
I don't know what will happen. I have no idea. Only I can say is that crazy thing will happen with many big breasts girls.

Event name: Japan Adult Expo 2016
Dates: 10, Nov, 2016 10:00-21:00
11, Nov, 2016 10:00-18:00
Location: Differ Ariake
Address: 1-3-25 Ariake, Koutou Chrome, Tokyo
Admission fee: 4,000 yen
The sponsor: Intellectual Property Promotion Association.

We are not sure what will happen, but we know it make our dream come true.
And we also know it is really sad to do by myself after seeing real porn stars directly.
Then they can help you! They have a branch in Ariake area which is Kinshicho branch. They have nice beautiful girls as like Japorn stars.
Another dream will come true to do naughty things with Japanese girl.