NEWFLASH! They have McDonalds in Japan!

Well, of course they do, don't they?

I'll bet you could be tromping through the deepest part of the Amazon, cutting your way through overgrowth and vines, and BOOM!
there's a McDonalds in the clearing ahead.

Japan's Mickey D's will feel quite at home to people from the West, specifically from America.

They're practically the McDonalds that time forgot.

If you're like me (an old mamajama) you can maybe remember the McDonalds of your youth, a menu filled with familiar favorites such as a Quarter Pounder,
Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, and my personal childhood favorite, the McPizza.

I have good news and bad news: if you want the classic McDonalds menu, Japan is your place.

If you want a McPizza, you're going to have to build a time machine and travel back to the 1980's because it died in the era of Regan.

Yes, the classic McDonalds menu lives on in Japan. Honestly, the last time I was back in the States and I went to the Golden Arches,
I hardly recognized it. They had all these fancy burgers and you had to get your own drink... I was all, like,
"what have you done to my McDonalds and how do I get it back???" The answer, of course, is to come to Japan.

At a Japanese McDonalds you can get all your old favorites made exactly like they used to be made back in the day,
minus the ultra-greasiness of the Quarter Pounder (it used to drip grease into its Styrofoam packaging as you ate it).

I'll tell you what, they even use the same old cooking oil McDonald's used to use in America for their fries.

You know, now they use some fancy healthful oll-vegetable oil in the US, and the fries don't taste the same.

Not in Japan. Same is same. The Japanese people HATE change, and so it never did.
That doesn't mean, however, that everything is exactly the same. The core menu is what you remember, but they have some decidedly Japanese extras.

They have the Filet-O-Fish, but they also have the Filet-O-Ebi, where the fish has been replaced by an all shrimp patty.

They have seasonal burgers: for instance in the spring they have the Sakura Burger, with pink sauce (like cherry blossoms),
and they also have the Tsukini Burger that comes with a fried egg on it, resembling a full moon.

Right now they have the 1955 American Burger and the 1971 Japan Burger.
These two dates reflect the years McDonalds opened in American and in Japan.

The America Burger had BBQ sauce, and the Japan Burger has a salty sauce.

Usually these special burgers are worth the try. Some are so good I wonder why they don't have them year-round.
One word of advice, though: when you're handed your tray, be sure and ask for catsup,
and be sure to gesture if you need more than one pack. They're stingy like that.