There are massages, and then there are massages.


Japan is a magical land where men can really get massages.

You know the kind I'm talking about, storied massage experiences that you've only heard whispered about.

The kind that tend to be hinted at and parodied in movies... but those don't really exist, do they? I'm here to tell you that they do.

You can get just about any kind of massage experience you can imagine in Japan,
and you don't have to go through secretly coded internet message boards or hear about this place from a friend of a friend.

If you know what you're looking for, they're all around. A lot of them are very so-so.

Some are excellent. And some are bad... very, very bad.
It's hard to tell what kind of experience you'll have visiting a massage in Japan
(that's what businesses are called who offer massage in Japan... "massage".

Not "a massage parlor", just "massage") and that's half the fun of going, I think. For now,
I'm going to share a few tips about how to identify a place that might give you a little something extra during your visit... then again,they might not- you never know.
First off, let me say that you can get a normal ol' massage quite easily here.

There are places that offer up sports massages and Thai massages.
They're easy to find around train stations and the like.

They tend to be positioned to appeal to people coming home after a hard day's work, or for old people.

But there are also a lot more places around train stations that offer up a massage with what we in the west like to call a happy ending.

These places sort of have a look. They all follow the same code, if you will.

It absolutely does help if you can read a little Japanese at this point, because a lot of the key words you'll be looking for are in Japanese.

Look, if you don't know Japanese but have always wanted to learn, here's your chance. Sex is a great motivating factor.
The first thing you'll want to look for is the word RELAXATION.
This is a key word. A RELAXATION MASSAGE is different than a regular massage.
The assumption is you're going there to relax, not because you threw your back.

And what better way to relax than to... *ahem*. Anyway, another key word is AKASURI.

This is the western equivalent of a body wash.
If the masseuses there are willing to wash your body for you, they're probably willing to do more.

Then the final word you'll want to look for is RIMPA (or LIMPA).
This is a massage of the lymph glands, which are located... well, I think you can guess.

These words will appear on signs that are put out on the street in front of the massage.
Usually, they're lit up at night.
None of these words are absolute guarantees that you'll leave with the ultimate smile on your face, but they're good indicators.

Later I'll share with you some more tips on how to handle yourself and what to do inside. This is a good starting point.

Remember, in the world of men's relaxation, you usually do get what you pay for. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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