A Nurse Is Naughty


I used to go to church to pray but I never confess nor hail.
A nurse who attended there seemed to like me and we got along.
She was carrying a book that looked like a novel. A voluptuous woman that was my type. Her super pale skin immediately turned me on.

We went to dinner, it was a free meal and buffet as we were mistakenly accepted to the party and got VIP wrist bands.
It wasn't actually free but we were lucky.
It was located on a roof top where you could view all over Manhattan.
It was summer, a sunny day and as hot as it is today.
After we enjoyed chickens and salads, she stood up and walked towards the deck railing to view the view.
The wind blew her skirt that caused upskirt that showed her luscious panties and made me horny already.
After the meal, she told me that she wanted to get out of the dormitory of the church and stay at my place.
It seemed I would get lucky twice a day.

She came to my place in the morning, took a shower and said she wanted to worship my penis. This is what the worship should be.
Yo man, she knew what she gotta do. What a skill!! Her tongue wrapped my D as if a different individual holy creature was just summoned.
Goosshh. Now I needed to ask her to sit on my face to worship her ass.
Let me confess my guilty pleasure, nurse!! It was the best ass worship I ever had. Her perfectly rounded vanilla peach just covered my face and I was completely suffocated and stuck my tongue all the holes I could ever find.
Hail mary, thank you for letting me be in Heaven already!!!

After the 69 worship, she wrapped her palm around my D which still remembers the feeling that was so soft.
She begged me to insert my D into her Eve's apple. Unfortunately, as the U.S condom sucks, I didn't feel much inside her. Better prepare Japanese futuristically thin condoms next time.

A nurse is naughty, I can tell, and knows how to pray to play...