A Secret Night with a Spider Woman


She had a big smile and boobs siting at the entrance
of a Japanese restaurant.

Her breast was sparkling like diamonds.
I immediately got turned on and my D was already barking like a mutt.
I was brave enough to talk to her as
if I was jumping over her to devour the tits.

She invited me to her room and I waited for mins.
After she took a shower,
I lay on my back in bed and she started to suck on my nipples.

I mentioned my D would prefer the areolae than D itself.
I can't stop moaning like a seagull in the ocean,
my hands got numb and my body shivered as the pleasure stimulates all the nerves.

All of sudden she came on top and grabbed my respective rod and polish it with her wet intersection between inner thigh,
"ahhh this feels great "
I salivated and my eyes got complete white,
finally she inserted the well polished rod into her magical hole,
held my hands on the floor,
squatting and humping hard in the dark that made her a spider woman.

I realized I was caught in the web and sucked out all my energy to death.

She said she liked her nipple sucked too so I did as she wished.

Two lewd melodies made harmony echoing in the building.
I finished with her sophisticated hand job
and still don't know it was a dream or nightmare.

It was revealed that she was a flight attendant from a city to suburbs.
Form here to there she is seeking the energy drink,

like a monster.