A Lady with Sensitive Nipples


I think she was the most interesting creature I have ever been with.
I thought I was pretty passive, a masochist when it comes to a sexual relationship but this girl change my entire sexual attitudes and made it awaken as an active guy, in other words, sadist. I somehow touched her nipples as just teasing, even not on purpose to torture her, but she immediately moan and her body shivered, her legs got numb and it seemed was difficult to keep standing as if a new born horse.
It was very interesting and that situation made me wanna tease and writhe her more. I really didn't wanna stop the nipple teasing even before tkaing a shower and she reiterated saying " You told me you are passive!!!! Nooooahhhh!!!"

I even had a laughter, I never new I had such a nasty masculine side like Daimyo the lord that sexually teases Geisha girls with laughter, Hahahaha!!! Wiggle! Twirk! In front of my damn eyes! You like it, don't you!!!???
Even in the shower time, I touched her nipple and her body immediately responded. But she finally came back with a nipple tease on me and my penis head. " Ahhggghhh!!" I writhed with the extreme pleasure. A fight in a shower.
I sucked on her nipple back. She sucked on my areolea back!! The nipple civil war was going on in the hot rain!!
Cinematic music played by Met opera orchestra were playing in my head while we sucked our nipples each other.
Then we moved to bed and I kept torturing her nipples and my D formation was completed and ready.
I put the protection as a bullet proof vest and thrust into her wet cave.
I became a horse for the first time ever.

Again, I never new I could be such a wild sadistic horse with fire on a D head and banging like AC/DC. Hit hard from behind making her a nasty cat.
I became Daimyo the lord riding on a wild horse with fire!! "Hahaha!!! EEka??!! EE- Non-Ka!!!??" ( Translated in You like it?? You like it, don't ya??!)
I spanked her bubbly ass, banged 30 mins straight and I was completely dehydrated and needed some oxygen.
I didn't cum, by the way. I don't think her vagina was it. I used all the energy to do the nipple fight but when she came on top, she boosted my libido again to launch the missile. Finally her fluffy hand got to know what to do and kept jerking my missile for minutes, it is finally inginted, blasted the flame and launched the ballistic missile to the isolated pillow peninsula. The Daimyo at last ended as a passive piggy doll. It seemed I lost the war, but I teased her nipple in front of the elevator and she wiggled her ass.
The nipple war never ends. Ahhh writing this article makes me wanna go back to see her again. My D is nodding which means Yes. I've got enough energy and it is being proliferated to a reciprocal nipple fight.