Cute Girls vs Sexy Girls


When I am talking with western girls who want to be cute kawaii J-girls, and send me pictures that they are clad in anime character cosplay,
I always think they are not beating their sexiness.
When I am seeing Japanese girls trying to be sexy, I always think they can not beat Kawaiiness (cuteness).
I like the way it should be, maybe it can be said to me too.
Somehow people are made difficult to know what's the best, and seek something they don't have.
I respect the courage to explore a new world and find yourself in the best way.
I always like Western girls in Western clothes and Eastern girls in Eastern clothes.
I know I will look great and be able to impress westerners if I were clad in Samurai-Kimono.
But in modern Japanese life, we are to wear western-inspired clothes. No samurai or Geisha walking around in Japan except
Geisha is seen in Kyoto.

So which is better? Cute girls or Sexy girls? I have seen western girls that were modeling in cosplay but they can't stop showing off their
beautiful legs or ass while they has to be covered as the way the character should be. Even if they wanted to be Kawaii, they can't.
I have seen Japanese girls that wore sexy cosplay but since they were born to be cute, Kawaii, they can't be sexy enough.

I would prefer not only girls but people who know who they are and how to act.