Delivery Fee and Minimum Course Length


Hello! Thank you so much for reading this.
We are the one and only foreigner friendly outcall escort service in Japan!!
And thank you so much for visiting our website and considering to order the delivery service.
Yes, this is a very convenient way to hang out with cute Japanese girls because you don't have to move a bit at all!!

But here is the thing. If you order delivery for long distance, there will be a delivery charge, and minimum length of the course.
For example, if you ordered in Narita, we have to drive them from center of Chiba to Narita. That costs 4000JPY for delivery fee and
90mins minimum for delivery 24000JPY. So the least price is 30800JPY (after tax 10%) while you can have fun from 60 mins and the least price of
15400JPY (after 10% tax) if you come to Chiba station and get the hotel. The hotel fee will be on clients' pay that costs 3000-4000JPY.

If I were you, I would come to a near hotel especially when you were a new client. Although 1000JPY will be charged for all new customers
as registration fee, it is very reasonable and you can have more choices from 1st to 2nd to 3rd since we have more branches around the area.
I mean, if you called JEEMC which is a light erotic massage service that you can't even touch a girl,
but you actually wanted more advanced service in your mind. If you are located too far for delivery, you won't get a chance that we may
ask other branches such as Fetish clubs which your anus becomes a hotwheel or GFE escort where you can do much more advanced play only w/o sex.

If I were you, I would use a long distant delivery if I really wanted see this girl again or I was 100% sure that I wanted this
service as after became a regular.
Save money, play smart, and build a relationships with us then order a long distant delivery:)