Does Telephone Sex Work?


Yes it does, I cum 2 times straight when I was having it with my Mexican girl.
It largely depends on your imagination but hey it's 2020, we got a video call.
It is very seductive when the girl's voice the other side gets horny and starts to say naughty words, a girl pretends to be shy at first but one she gets comfortable she does everything you ask.

Coghlan's law, if you get to see the color of panties, then it's when you realize you got talent.
She completely showed me off her panties, from pink to back to a blue thong. She's got a nice puffy fluffy ass like a pudding, I wanted to squeeze my spoon in the caramel zone.
She hesitated to show me her boobs but after 12 mins dirty talk, she nailed it.

What cute areolae. We never know how many time we told each other "I wish you were here."
Our bond was great, but remotely. We know it is gonna be amazingly awesome
when we get to an actual physical contact. She liked doggy so I stick my D hard and
grabbed her hair like a horse. Hit hard hit hard. Her boobs are trembling my D got harder than
and as red as Tokyo tower. Ohhhh can't stop jerking!!! After I exploded the first shot,
because it was exceptionally great, my D got ready for the second round after a 1 min break. She was not only ready but also had been waiting for me. We hit the second round and she got more into it and aggressive than the last time, finger moves got 2 time faster and cum so hard together. She peeked my cum on my hand and lay down looking in my eyes through the screen. So cute. She became a puppy. I like the moment when women become puppies after a great sexual intercourse. I just feel wanna cuddle them. Telephone sex might not be popular in Japan as it used to(we used to have a large telephone sex industry) but it is well worth a try.

I wish she was here right at this moment twirkning her ass in doggy in front of me.
I need a thong. You gotta wear a thong, ahhh can't stop imagining!!!