Momoka the Peach


I have a fetish for chubby girls, especially for Japanese girls,
they have to be chubby or too skinny if not!!

Momoka was the one I really adored who had big puppy eyes
and cute fluffy ass.

In Japan, the public would say she is fat but yo,
I'd become addicted to fat asses since I was with western girls.

She had a nice personality and so aggressive in bed.
She had her pride and guts to take care of me.

Btw she slightly looked like Emilia Clarke.
She immediately topped on me and lightly bit my right ear
which is part of my erogenous zone.

I couldn't stop moaning already then she sucked on my nipple.
She knows what she is doing.
My D got super hard and begged her to put it inside her.
She didn't fully accepted my order but teased me
by grabbing my D and rubbing her lewd lips.

There was a mirror next to the futon mattress
and I could clearly see myself banging her pussy,
and holding her voluptuous body all over me
that made me horny in double time.

Although I'm really difficult to cum with vaginal intercourse,
she coped with it smoothy and made me cum for the first time
in a year with an extreme orgasm.

She was happy that she did a great job.
I only saw her one other time but my body was fatigued.

I just wanted to see her. It is funny
while a man is having one vagina a day,
a woman is having 10 penises.

A vagina costs wallet when a penis is free.

Today, she seems to be gone.

Great wine and escorts are always gone too soon...