Say Hello to My Little Friend!


I'm always making that statement right before a blow job whenever I use an escort service.
That is the famous phrase in Hollywood history but I can not tell what it exactly is.
What do you expect when you are using the escort service? Chicas, Champaign, or Special skills?
It depends. I recently have not had a real exciting escort experience.
I have one girl that I am seeing. The last time I saw her, when she tried to put a protection on
my D, I chose this one but she changed it to another one and I said, "Hey, maybe you changed it cz my d
is too small??" and she goes "maybe because it is a little bigger."


Say Hello to My Little Friend!!

She just flattered. I wish my D was bigger only because it seems that I can have a better orgasm.
Or maybe more available positions. I've read that you can make it bigger if you used some air pumping
tube or cylinder mean? A staff at the sex shop in W4 Manhattan told me "A penis is a muscle
so you can enhance it and porn actors do everything they can to make it look bigger using from the tool to medicines.
My D story never ends.