Tall Girls Wants to Be Shorter


I disagree with them. I like tall girls.
They are sexy and attractive. I want them to be at least 5'7.
I often hear tall girls say they want to be shorter but they do not have to.
I used to hang with a 6'2 girl who once walked in a runway in Paris.
She was a unique girl who loved to sing. Just a regular girl.
Somehow, I have been rarely intimidated by talking to an extremely beautiful girl.
You know, it is worth a try or even being hurt. Because even if you were rejected, you can have an excuse say "Of course she was too beautiful!"
Or if you were lucky, you get high score. Either way be great.

Basically, supper beautiful women are kind and unique, sometimes eccentric. It is fun being around them.
I'm not fascinated with short girls. Maybe because I'm not that tall. So I want women with height.
Tall men would prefer shorter women. We always want something we do not have.

You don't have to be shorter. Don't worry. I always like the way you are.
Do not hesitate wear heels. That is a plus:))