The first Escort in Japan is outcall.

My first choice of Japanese escort was outcall.
I often used escorts in my country, but I stopped in Japan until I got used to the life here.
I got good bonus, so I called in delivery health as a reward.
Escorts after a while and for the first time in Japan. I was excited.

The escort girl came to my home was in the 20's and had very beautiful fair skin.
I expected the coming service looking at her big breasts. We took shower together.
She provided the basic health service. My favorite one was paizuri, tits job.
She thrust my penis up and down between her big breasts.
She also swallowed the top of my penis.

It was so exciting that classy looking Japanese girl did that.
I remember I ejaculated a lot on her breasts at the first paizuri.
Since then, I have often used escorts. My favorite one is delivery health after all.
I like escort girls of Japanese delivery health very much.