Tips On Having Fun


1. When having an escort for services with Japanese Escort Girls Club, you can expect to have a real authentic relationship.

JEGC girls are usually optimistic but can be sensitive to certain things that the male member might do.

Even if it is not avoidable, we have received feedback on how many men use their smartphones during the session time.
This can be taken in the wrong way making the lady think that you are no longer interested or that you may be trying to take a picture or video which is not allowed.

We understand it may be necessary to check your notifications due to business etc, but all it takes to keep your Escort at ease is just a simple word or gesture stating your reason for use.

2. Using the Japanese/English provided by Japanese Escort Girls Club.

At JEGC, we provide each Lady with 3 laminated pages that have important sentences commonly used during play-time in Japanese & English that would come in handy.

You can just leave the pages on the counter and use whenever necessary.

By having this around, there is no worry with not being able to communicate with your 100% Japanese Escort.

3. Spending time with her during Kenja time.
Believe it or not, JEGC ladies do have morals and feelings.

After you have reached your climax and you begin to refract, our ladies are devoted to keep you satisfied until the very end. They are well trained to not ask anything rude or personal so even during this Kenja time, they will not irritate you.

You may think it is a nice thing to let the lady leave the session early but in fact it can be taken negatively.

The escort may think you don't like her anymore or that her services were not at par.
It also confuses the staff as well and we will have to check what the reason was.

So even if it may be hard to bare or you just want to go to sleep, please go against your instinct and try out Japanese Escort top level companionship.

4. Scheduling an appointment to see her again.
Nothing makes a lady happier than wanting to see her again. It builds her confidence and gives her enthusiasm to try her best and reflect for the next round.

So if it's possible in your schedule, please share with the lady how long you will be in Japan for and when you will be free to see her again.