Virginity of Young Generation in Japan


It is called "Lost 20 years" between 1992-2015,
the ratio of virginity between 18-39 years old increased as women from 21.7% to 24.6% and men from 20% to 25.8%.

What are you doing, Japan?
You guys went banned this,
banned that for nutting and finally people don't wanna have sex anymore and the number of kids are decreasing.

The public always point a finger at celebrities who cheated
on the partner or even blame Idols who made a boyfriend
or girlfriend that made it look like love relationships are
horrible things or even guilty.

Why can't singers or actors have their own adult relationships!?
This is so lame.
Today one out of 10 had never sexual intercourse in their 30s. Especially for low income or unemployed people.
Between 18-39 y.o, 3.26 million women,
and 3.8 million men are virgin.

8 out of 10 virgin people want to marry.
Keep dreaming.
You need an experience to see who is right for you
that means you have to have a relationship to a degree.

I blame Japanese modern culture that bans a lot of things
that don't matter much such as revealing one's private from dating to cheating.

This girl who was a member of a girls band shaved her hair as punishment for having made a boyfriend.
Excuse me?
Aren't we an established country yet?? Lame.
I had it. I have had it.
We need more babies to maintain our beautiful land.

Our girls are well experienced, even though they don't look like so.
We only have professionals to satisfy your desire.

Viva, J-Night!!