Was Just Asked about Incall


Sir, thank you for your inquiry. Incall, right? Yeah I'm a huge fan of incall's.
I would prefer to go to a spa or brothel and feel different atmosphere other than pay extra money to a hotel
and be disappointed with the price that gets doubled and tripled with what you expected.

Japan is making the law stricter these days so it is very difficult to open spas or brothel.
So we have to use hotels and can only have offices to hold ladies to deliver them to the location.
In my opinion, this delivery system has a lot to do for being improved to save more time.
If you can save your time, you can make more money.
For example, if you have to send a lady for a long distance, sometimes she has to stay in a car for 2 or even 3 hours.
You can make pretty big money during that 2-3 hours.
The deliver is not a bad idea, cz Amazon made it huge. But why do I feel like we are wasting time for the escort delivery and
can do better. Stuffs can not make money during being delivered until it is delivered to the buyer. However, human beings can do something
while being delivered, Oh yes, what if we could take a client for a massage or BJ in a car during being delivered to the other client.
That is an exciting Rock Star experience!!... nah,,, forget it.