When a Girl Says Never Dated


Maybe you have met a girl claiming that she never dated a guy in her entire life.
Well, I have, a couple of times.
That's kinda a tricky situation. She is possible either a nun or a whore.
Mostly the latter although I used to believe the former when was younger and innocent.
And my friend always told me " Hey you gotta be careful, she is saying she has many male friends and she def is sleeping with them. Going to Japan herself and gonna stay in a male friend's house? She is def going to sleep with them!"
I thought this guy was a bad friend, or maybe just was jealous of me.
But I recall those days and maybe he was right.

However, I was annoyed to hear that and needed to make sure of what he said was true, I had to ask her myself and used a Chat system to ask " Hey, my friend told me you are gonna have sex with those men."
She was like "What are you talking about? I'm going there for sightseeing and those are my friends!"
Either those days and today, I don't believe what they are saying anyway but I just couldn't let it go back then.
I was hurt and sad, and trying to pretend like I don't care but actually very did care.
Today, I really don't care. That's their life and a penis is always free while a vagina costs.

In Japan, people are always talking about an affair in a male side but I know women are having an affair as much as men are.
This girl that I am talking recently said she never dated or was in a serious relationship before and I was like, ok... And we had a conversation and she told me she has a web page of herself.
I visited to see what it was like and found she was loving to show her cute butts. Yeah, I knew it. It doesn't mean she is a whore but definitely sexually active and attractive, and I know every man never let her go, stops her to talk or catcalls her. Of course it is her choice to accept the requests.
But even during the recent conversation I had on the phone, she said she was staying at a male friend's house and his dog was coming on her lap. Lol
Hail mary, this is what it is. I would be hurt back in the day but I'm ok with it today. We enjoyed the talking for about an hour.
I like this girl that's the most important thing. And I'm pretty confident to tell her how important she is and how much I like her. That's something I couldn't do years ago.

You may need a woman with some experience and just simply respect the way she lives unless she is risky. I can dictate the risky situation real quick but I don't feel much for this girl.
I like to see how attractive women are being saturated into my life and falling for me. It is always good to listen to a cute girl's voice.
If you doubt her for being sexually active and bring what the women say "I'm single and never dated a man" in the court as a prosecuter, they can end up walk out free by proving innocence with a defence team of dream because women are smarter than men and good to hide the trace even though she was showing it in front of you while switching her crossed legs in a white dress.