Work Not Longer but Smarter, Outcall


It's 2020.
Doesn't matter you are doing an escort service or just a retail store.
No more 90s, no more 00s, we are in 20s.

Look at China's Tik Tok. Tik Tokers upload 15 sec videos and make millions. 15 sec baby.
Japan still wants us to work 14 hours a day and the productivity is relatively super low along with other G7.
We will be kicked out of them within 10 years if we didn't wake up. I've read we will plunge to No.9th in GDP ranking less than a
decade. And you still wanna count cash? C'mon. Maybe it was the lovely way in 80s, but hey we have smartphones today.
Can't you be smarter enough than the piece of a cellphone? Who created a smartphone? We did. Human beings.
Then why these human beings do not want to utilize them for a better work environment? Can't believe it.

Escorts or their bouncers, as long as they are doing a legal service, should have smartphones with a payment app installed, then tap to pay real quick!!
Or clients push the button on the app to book a girl like amazon on the internet. We can do it. and if you don't do it, someone will do it.
You can't go with a slow tempo these days anymore. What if you drove in a highway and found a car going at super slow speed in front of you?
You definitely got annoyed and wanna horn or just change the course and say "Adios primo!!"

One push or one tap, ladies will be delivered!!