Do you know the strongest weapon,"Nurulotion"?

Do you know Japan has its original service, sumata?
It leads you to orgasm by placing male penis between female thighs to stimulate the penis! But it just causes uncomfortable friction and turn-off, precisely a kind of pain, if the part is dry. Here we have the strongest weapon for ecchi,“Nurulotion”!
Lots of nurulotion on male penis lubricates and make it smooth, and the effect of nurulotion is even more! It increases and doubles the stimulation on the penis! It is not too much to say nurulotion is a magical fluid!
What on earth is this nurulotion? Here is a brief explanation. First of all, raw material of nurulotion is seaweed. So it safe to rub on your penis.
If you have tried nululotion, you have already known that surprise. This world has such a magical fluid to arouse sexual feeling so much. LoL Nurulotion is not just for sumata. You can use it for your private action. It is good to buy nurulotion as a souvenir when you come to Japan! You can buy nurulotion at these shops.

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Try Japan’s proud super sex weapon “nurulotion”!