Do you know the fact that credit cards and debit cards issued in foreign countries are not available in most bank ATM in Japan?

However, some ATM correspond to foreign credit cards or debit cards. They are 7-ELEVEN and Family Mart’s ATM. You can withdraw cash at Seven Bank ATM in 7-ELEVEN, Post Office ATM, and Family Mart ATM all over Japan!
※Gradual introduction of Family Mart ATM is planned to start from Feb. 1mainly around Tokyo metropolitan area.

And they prepare English menu for foreign users’ convenience. This is very conscientious, and you can use secure.
7-ELEVEN ATM is open for 24 hours 365 days.

However, Post Office ATM is available within their business hours only, so you’d better be careful.

Also, you can withdraw at International ATM locate in major international airports, so please feel secure.Furthermore, International ATM is located not only at international airports, but also hotels, City Bank, and Shinsei Bank.

Please make sure things below when you use International ATM.

■If your credit card or debit card is available for abroad using.
■The commission fee rate to use International ATM
■Confirmation of the security code of your credit card is definitely needed.

It is grateful this helps you thinking of withdraw Japanese yen by your credit card or debit card when you visit Japan!