Easy way to find foreigner friendly shop!

How do you find Fuzoku adult entertainment provider when you come to Japan from your country? You must have worries as a foreigner, such as language barrier or communication with girl.
When you come all the way to Japan and try Japanese agent, you want a good one. Japan has a lot of Fuzoku adult entertainment shops, but there are only limited numbers for foreigners to use now.
But there are some foreigner friendly service providers for sure. We would like to quickly introduce how to find foreigner friendly agents.

■Keyword search on Google and Yahoo!
They are reference examples of key words.
3.Area+escort service
4.Escort service

When you hit foreigner friendly agents here, you can go next step. You might be unsure if the agent’s reception is English available, and if you can communicate well. But you should just call them! If the staff speaks English, you should ask all questions till you get satisfied! Please listen to the agent’s service and course fee.It’s time to go for it if you like it!

■Shops listed on Fuzoku adult review sites or portal sites for foreigners are safe to use.
Shops pay advertisement fee to be listed on portal sites. Risky agents were already excluded. Let’s call casually if you feel okay after glancing the searched agent’s information!
The caution is same as the above. We recommend you to have clear explanation. We list foreigner friendly shops often hit on Google, Yahoo!, and portal sites. Please check the below.