Japanese original service is not just SEX

Fuzoku adult entertainment include many different categories, such as special hand job providers, onakura that girls watch your masturbation, the most popular fashion health and so on!
You can enjoy those categories without a brush with Japanese law. Moreover, there is also soapland that has its origin in old red-light districts.

Today, we talk about the subject“Japanese original service is not just SEX.” Japanese domestic Fuzoku agents but soapland do not provide intercourse sex. I assume some men think sex is the best anyway, but it is wrong.
Japan has service to give you ecstasy without sex. The representative one is sumata (intercrural sex, pantie job). Foreign men may have not heard this. But some men say this is better than intercourse sex, and some men even misunderstand it was intercourse!
Now, let’s check sumata on Google! Sumata is a type of non-penetrative sex, in which a male places his penis between his male or female partner’s thighs and thrusts to create friction. It is performed mostly in missionary position with penile-vaginal rubbing, but it can avoid penetration. It is a Japanese slang combining “素 (su)” expressing “simple mono”and “股 (mata)” expressing the thigh part to rub.

Blow job or hand job is often performed to stimulate ejaculation during female menstruation period. However, sumata is popular recently because people are be able to gain similar feeling to intercourse. It is proposed in the situation not to be able to insert penis into vagina, and is also performed in heterosexual petting as foreplay to create intimacy and homosexual sex.
It is not too much to say this sumata is Japanese characteristic service. We recommend Japanese fashion health definitely if you want to experience this sumata.
Sumata can be performed in various positions like missionary, Asian cowgirl, or doggy style. You should try once!
The next recommendation is hand job! Literally, it is the main service by hand for a happy ending! Please do not underestimate this hand job. You can experience unknown sexual feeling by overhand grip and foul trick with adequate pressure!
Too strong thrusting with all strength just hurts, but hand job by a technician provides amazing ecstasy! Combined with the effect of nurulotion used then, more men seem to mention hand job feels better than sex!
We’d like to recommend sexual feeling massage for you to experience this hand job!We can say this is Japan’s proud original service. We strongly hope you try it when you visit Japan!