Privacy Policy

(Jun, 2016 Last Updated)

The personal information

In this Privacy Policy, "Personal information" is information about the personal information including name, birth date, E-mail address or other description, or the number of individuals granted by the image or sound, other symbols it means the person can be identified by a sign.

The methods of collecting personal information

Japan Adult Entertainment Guide may collect your personal information like some name, company name, date of birth, e-Mail etc., when you use our services.

This information is collected in accordance with the following objectives, all will be collected by lawful and fair means. We Will not collect it as Race, ethnicity, ancestry, family, hometown, religion, personal information relating to the accession to the trade unions and political views,

The purpose of to collect and use personal information.

The purpose of collecting personal information or use club by Japan Adult Entertainment Guide

  • We and our business partners to offer a service or to do the present campaign with us(we call "Business Partner".) will use to inform the information of service and present campaign.
  • We and Business Partner will use it to conduct research study aimed at developing and improving the service.
  • We and Business Partner will use it to create the statistical material for our provided service by us.
  • We and Business Partner will use it to provide the information of job offer.
  • We will use it to conduct the research and the study of strategies aimed at improving management of our policies or other business.

The disclosure of Information to third parties.

  • Japan Adult Entertainment Guide don't disclose the personal infomation to third parties without the consent of the customer except in cases as follows term no.2.
  • We may disclose the personal information to third parties in the following cases.
    • If the disclosure is required by law.
    • We believe the need to protect the person's life, the physical health or property.
    • We believe the need for the benefit of the public and the cooperation of service to carry out by the national institutions, local government and the affaires entrusted by them.
    • We believe the necessary to protect the right of our customers and us.
    • We entrust the handling of personal information for our business to third parties.

The correction and deletion of personal information

  • You will be able to do the following claims by our procedure.
    • To ensure that your incorrect personal information is held on us.
    • To correct or delete own personal information, if the incorrect information is held on us.
  • If you want to these claims, please contact:
    Contact:Japan Adult Entertainment Guide

The security of personal information

We will have the protection to unauthorized access of personal information, destruction, falsification, or leakage risks. Please note that we can not be held resposible as follows cases.

  • If you disclose personal information in a form accessible to anyone on the Internet.
  • If you disclose your personal information outside our web site.
  • If the leak of your personal information is due to using your terminal or your password under your control.
  • If an incorrect e-mail address is provided for our application forms by yourself.

(The application form will send your personal information to the e-mail address to be provided by you for your confirmation automatically. So if you provide an incorrect e-mail address, it will be sent to an incorrect e-mail address automatically.)

The change of Privacy Policy

  • The contents of this privacy policy may be changed without notice to you.
  • Privacy policy is changed, unless specified otherwise by us and shall become effective when posted on the website.