JEEMC Kyoto "Maria"


Maria arrived promptly and dressed to impress.
Greeting me with a smile she put me at ease straight away.

She was so friendly and took great care of me.
Ever so polite she set up the room graciously and was very attentive.
The shower before was very tender and we could chat which was great. The washing of testicles was fantastic!

The massage was proficient and better than most professional.
But of course we added benefits. She kissed my naked skin tenderly and sent shivers down my body.
It was a relief to have such good massage as I run long distance several times a week.
Whispering in my eye only did more to raise my excitement.

Hand job service was phenomenal where somehow she was licking my nipples and taking care of other parts of my body all at the same time.
To finish she went into reverse position and once I could smell her the sweet odour of her pussy over my face I was almost ready to explode.
In this position she gave me one of the best hand jobs of my life that ended in me gushing so much. Afterwards we again took a lovely shower together and got dressed.

Afterwards its as nice to feel close to her and have the embrace of lovely women such as maria.
We parted ways at the door and I fell into my bed completely satisfied and only wishing I paid for longer time.

Would definitely repeat this service and with Maria.

Thank you :) Yoroshiku

2016/AUG / Dave Cummings UK

Ms Maria in Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club , Kyoto branch