Ms. Kanon from JEEMC Saitama


When I first met the girl, I was stunned by how elegant she were.
You normally can't get this kind of quality outside of Japan if you're just calling for a normal escort.

She lead me to the hotel and kindly teach me how to book a room and so on.
We had a few conversation on the way.
When we were starting the session, she even arranged the bed carefully and make it as comfortable for me as possible.
When we are on the session, she will be talking to you if you wish to, and she won't if you don't want.
And when we moved to the last part, I was blown by her technique. It felt so good that my body was shivering.
I had to order for extra time in the end because I wanted more.
After the session, she will clean you up nicely and rearrange the bed.
And give you a nice goodbye hug.

Definitely will come again.

ジュン Malaysia   FEB//2017
Ms. Kanon from Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club , Saitama branch