Ms. Momo from "JEEMC" Nagoya Branch


Originally I chose the delivery service. I was asked to go to the ground floor to guide Momo to my room. Unfortunately, the receptionist realized my room was a single room, so no more than 1 ppl can stay at the room, not even for a short period of time.

Actually, I had checked the hotel list in the website. The hotel that I chose was supposed to be fine with bringing a guest to the room. But I just couldn't do so. It was a little bit disappointing and frustrating. To play safe, I'd recommend you to choose the meeting session instead of delivery service.

Momo contacted the company for emergency arrangement. Eventually, we went to a love hotel by her company's car for the service.

We entered the hotel room. Before she started preparation, payment had to made first. After the preparation, Momo took off her cloth, except her vest and t-back. Then, she tenderly took off my cloth and deliberately used her breast to touch my naked body. It had already made me excited. During the shower, Momo was in-charged of cleaning my body. All I needed to do was follow her instruction and stay still.

After the shower, the massage began. I had to say it. It was the best massage experiences all I've ever had. She made me extremely excited.It felt like I was in the paradise. Even though you couldn't touch her,her body was intentionally getting close to yours. The excitement was equal to sex, or even better. After all, the AV fantasy came true. You were served by a Japanese girl!

It was absolutely an unforgettable experience. The service was amazing. I would definitely recommend the service to foreigners like me who'd like to have an intimacy with Japanese girl.
I look forward to have the service when I go to Japan again!

Mr. hwy2020//China

Ms. Momo from Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Nagoya Branch