Ms Nana from "JEEMC" Kyoto branch


Albeit the language barrier, I feel as though it was on my part to know at least some Japanese.

The service was great. She arrived pretty punctually after confirming with reception.

While I wish she massaged my chest and stomach as well, about 75% of my body was massaged, and frankly that's good enough.

The happy ending was great, however I didn't know if I was supposed hit it when the time came, or if the massage was to continue.
Took as a minute to clarify, but all was good. For future newbies, when she starts focusing down there, then time is close to up.

90 minutes felt too short in retrospect.

Probably should gone with 120 or something like that. Maybe next time.
And maybe I'll try the facesitting and prostate massage.

Kenny // USA Mar //2017

Ms Nana from Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club , Kyoto branch