Yokohama JFFGC "Megu"


I have used the JEEMC couple of times last year during business visit and once used the JFFGC once.
I really loved their service and when i was in November in Japan, i had some time on Saturday and wanted to try it again.

I called the fetish femdom club in Yokohama and the skype operators being very co-ordial took my PIN number and asked me if i would like to nominate.
I had been seeing their website regularly and really liked Megu-chan. She was relatively new and got some nice reviews.
Moreover, i really wanted someone with lovely boobs and sexy curves.
The nomination was accepted and accepted and since i wanted a rendevous, we agreed to meet infront of three F's shop.

I went at the designated time and Just a small wait and she walked up to me and enquired my identity.
I was very happy about the choice and loved her cute face. she looked very beautiful dressed in a black dress.
We walked to hotel Canti like lovers hand in hand and took the room

Once in Megu chan did some chit chat and we both relaxed and made the payment.
She adjusted the lights and brought up a sexy mood and stripped me and her to black bra and panties and she look bomb.
We showered and where she stroked me to good satisfaction. i was really liking her technique

Back on the bed, she started licking me slowly (lip blame) and it was amazing. i loved the way she nibbled my nipples
i didn't want to be tied and she accepted, but blindfold was excellent. Its a strange feeling when the woman takes lead and you cant touch her.
Its true torture especially when you have a sexy girl.
She spread my legs and did prostrate massage and all the timer her eyes and sexy looks kept me horny
Later she used some toys and did a face sitting and removed her bra. Wow, now this blowed up the expectations. It was one of the best things.

She then turned and started fake sumata. (Hand job)it was a sight to watch, lovely melons jumping and the moan and it was controllable.
Megu-chan understood, i was close the climax and slowly massaged me and made me climax.
We lay on the bed for 2 minutes and headed to shower. She washed me up cleanly and we both dressed back.
We left the hotel together. It was a wonderful time and I wanted to have another session before leaving, but I hope to have the experience again this year trip very soon. :)

Overall, this is a very premium service especially the reception over skype and also the girls
Its a wonderful experience and i loved it.

Nov 15/ HK

Ms Megu in Japan Fetish Femdom Girls Club , Yokomhama Branch