Ms. Hana from "JFFGC" Kyoto Branch


Hana-san is amazing!!! She is so beautiful. I was nervous from the moment I saw her.
Her personality is super cute and kind so you will feel at ease immediately.
I know she is very experienced but she is very modest in her technique
and makes you feel like she is experiencing everything for the first time.
The smile never left her face, she has a great personality and humor,
and the service was so amazing!
I will repeat to her often but I will need to be careful
so that I do not fall in love with her!!!
She is also a very intelligent girl. Her English is basic right now
but she travels a lot and I suspect her English will improve greatly.
It was my first time to experience the Fetish Femdom Service
and I am so happy to have found Hana-san!
Please treat her with great kindness and respect!


Ms. Hana from Japan Fetish Femdom Girls Club, Kyoto Branch


Very nice