Ms. Mizuha and Ms. Sara from "JFFGC" Fukuoka Branch


It is a 3P course with Sara and Mizuha. My first time trying femdom style experience as a purely beginner.

I will say it is a perfect experience. 10 times better than I expect. (contrast to other general service)
One thing I would like to mention first, the handler is very helpful, polite, good english.
He gave me some tips as well, was really helpful. It gave me a smooth start. For the service itself, basically I can't speak Japanese at all except for a few basic words.

But surprisingly the language Didn't stop our communication. I enjoyed the whole course. Sara is lovely, warm, and caring while being femdom.

A perfect balance. and one of her caring action really dominated my heart. Mizuha is professional, skillful, and extremely aggressive. even I'm a total beginner,

I can successfully enjoy the whole process. Mizuha and Sara together are perfect balance for aggressive and caring.
One thing I enjoyed the most is the Stop and Teasing part. Nasty Talk is awesome even for a non Japanese speaker.
Definitely I will try again, and next time I will try the service with Cosplay.

Was trying to date Sara again but sadly she got some issue, wish you all the best. and looking forward to meeting you soon.

Ka//Hong Kong

Ms. Mizuha and Ms. Sara from Japan Fetish Femdom Girls Club, Fukuoka Branch