Ms Rize from "JFFGC" Osaka south branch


My 1st time! It was a great Japanese Hospitality experience.
She was caring and professional.

Took the 90 minute option, anything less would be bad I think.

We started with small talk, although she didn't speak English, she was trying her best to communicate with me.

She kept on thinking topics to say. We also went through what to do and what not.

I suggest that the service provider give us a form in paper so that the process is faster.
Then we proceed to shower.

Rize was gentle. She was always checking on my response. I think when we sign up for this we know what we are getting.

I suggest that she be more confident and take charge.

Overall a great experience for me.

B// Malaysian


Ms Rize from Japan Fetish Femdom Girls Club , Osaka south brancg